Welcome to Hanet Ball

Don’t just do it… Do it 360º™

Hanetball360TM, the fastest growing, most exciting team ballgame on the planet and it is unlike any other game ever played.

The goal of Hanetball360TM is multifaceted, but the primary purpose is to make a positive change in the world by giving players a revolutionary new way of thinking, called QuantumThinking360TM. This new paradigm changes everything because Hanetball360TM is the first organized team sport ever played in the 360.

From the players’ perspective it is:

  • Fast Paced and Low Impact
  • Non-Stop Action
  • Exhilarating
  • Promoting Non-Linear Thinking: QuantumThinking360TM

Hanetball360TM builds cardiovascular health and helps maintain a healthy weight. Research shows short bursts of intense full body activity burns far more calories than other forms of exercise., but that is just part of the story. Hanetball360TM utilizes high-intensity interval training (HIT) to boost a body’s metabolism which then burns calories even during rest...Even days after playing the game.


Exactly what is “QuantumThinking360TM"? QuantumThinking360TM changes the way players think. QuantumThinking360TM requires players to think of ways to score and defend in every direction, rather than the lineal thinking of virtually every other ballgame on the planet. This type of nonlinear thinking expands the thought process and leads to new ways of thinking, new ways of problem solving and an expansion of the mind, by exposing players to the concept of infinite possibilities. Since Hanetball360TM is low impact and minimal contact it does not require body mass or stature. It does not require specialized skills that are beyond those many people… Everyone can play!


“Everything that can be invented already has been." The US Patent Office released this statement in 1899. If these experts ran the world we would still be sitting in the dark. It is our responsibility to shatter outdated thinking and explore the realm of the untested; it is here that breakthrough opportunities are waiting to be discovered.”